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The Role of Colombo Milk Factory

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Colombo Milk Factory (CMF) is a donation under the “Colombo Plan” by the government of New Zealand to Sri Lanka with the establishment of “National Milk Board” in 1956 and the factory was known as” Colombo Central Dairy ”.

Initially pasteurized milk in bottles were marketed under the brand name of “PASCO”. Later on production was expanded to manufacture of sterilized milk and butter with more donations and investment by other agencies. Next step was the addition of Ice cream and yoghurt to the product range. Subsequent introduction of a modern yoghurt machine helped to increase the supply to the market.

With the donation from the government of Finland, the pasteurized bottle unit was replaced with milk packet filling machines.

Since there is a very high demand in the market for Highland Ice cream, additional Ice cream freezers were installed at CMF. At the same time to meet the increased demand, more yoghurt filling machines were added to the production line. However the gradual growth of the factory is obvious, due to this addition of different new units as and when the need arose.
Daily average input of milk at CMF

By now the plans have been already laid down to increase capacity to overcome the physical limitations, and to replace old machinery and equipment with more advanced units.